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What is organic fruit?

At PETIT SUC we use only organic fruit to make our juices and smoothies. Yes, the raw material is more expensive, but we are prepared to accept this cost, because the benefits are many! For people and for the planet. Do you want to know what they are?

Organic fruits are beneficial for the organism because they are free of chemical additives and their cultivation respects the environment.

When is fruit considered organic?

The standards for organic fruit production include the following:

  • Limited use of synthetic pesticides.

  • Adaptation of crops to each location.

  • Selection of plant species that are resistant to diseases.

  • Prohibition of the use of GMOs.

  • Use of natural resources close to the cultivation areas.

What are the benefits of eating organic fruit for people and the planet?

Better taste and higher nutritional value

You can taste the difference when eating organic fruit compared to non-organic fruit. Organic fruit is more natural, so its nutritional properties remain unchanged and it is healthier. In addition, it tastes much better.

Your body assimilates them better, they help prevent illnesses and improve your defences. They can contain up to 50% more nutrients than processed fruits, and retain all their antioxidant properties.

They enable sustainable cultivation

Organic farming aims to preserve native species and varieties, thus helping to conserve biodiversity.

By eliminating residues from inorganic fertilisers, pesticides and other chemical elements, it does not pollute water or soil, thus preserving the environment.

Organic fruit production systems are not intensive and are based on the principles of sustainable development, in order to avoid overproduction that could endanger the continuity of natural resources in the future.

Local products are promoted, which helps the local economy. It also reduces costs and, above all, the pollution caused by long-distance transport.

Organic products are a guarantee of quality

European regulations guarantee that organic foodstuffs undergo controls at all stages: cultivation, harvesting, storage... The label that certifies their denomination ensures the maximum quality of each fruit.

At PETIT SUC we use seasonal and local fruit,

we want to make a difference!

There is only one planet, and we will take care of it! If you haven't met us yet, come and find us at Carrer del Bruc 126 in Barcelona.

You can also follow us on our Instagram o Tiktok accounts as @petitsuc

We are waiting for you!

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