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PETIT SUC / Carrer del Bruc 126, Barcelona

Juices, Zumos, Sucs, Jugos, Jus... the best are the natural ones, made at the moment. But not all juices are the same, what makes the difference?

COLDPRESS: (not the same as the juice extractors you see in most juice places).

Coldpress machines, unlike blade juicers, keep the enzymes intact during the extraction process, thus producing a juice with many more vitamins and nutrients.

Traditional juicers use a hot blade rotating at high speeds to destroy the fruit and vegetables and turn them into concentrates. As a process that uses heat, it destroys, burns, the enzymes in the vegetables and fruits, reducing the amount of vitamins and nutrients, and these juices do not have the same amount of nutrients and have a very short life span. Cold-pressed juice is the only juice that can be bottled and stored for 72 hours without preservatives and still taste fresh.

At PETIT SUC we use cold-pressing machines to obtain the best quality.

ORGANIC AND 0 KM FRUIT: (hey! this is a revolution!)

Ecological, bio, or organic fruit is characterised by the fact that it is obtained using methods of exploitation that are totally respectful of the environment, both in the exploitation of the land, which is much less intensive, and in the care of the soil and even the water used, acquired in a natural way, without any negative action against nature.

Another fundamental characteristic of organic fruit is that during the whole process, from harvesting to storage and transport to the point of consumption, no chemical products such as fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides are used.

We work with local suppliers of organic produce. We work mainly with the first Catalan cooperative committed to organic farming. Its members are spread over 15 counties in Catalonia.

At PETIT SUC we use organic fruit from nearby cooperatives. Organic and local.

SEASONAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: (don't ask August for strawberries)

Choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables will help reduce environmental impact by:

1) minimises CO2 emissions, because it avoids transport from distant growing areas.

2) it reduces energy consumption.

3) it respects the natural cycle of production.

We join the lines drawn up by the Barcelona City Council, in the Barcelona World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021 programme.

At PETIT SUC we use seasonal fruit,

we are constantly changing our menu, adapting to what the land has to offer.

You can follow us in Instagram, Tiktok, or in our web for more news.

And if you haven't visited us yet, we are at Carrer Bruc 126, Barcelona

We`re waiting for you!

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