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making the change

These are the actions we carry out in PETIT SUC to be careful with the environment.


No to food waste 

We have an agreed system for ordering, storing and treating food. We produce almost no wastage of raw materials, in the last three months, these were less than 1%.

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Only organic fruit

We are one of the only ones that use organic fruit to make the juices and smoothies, and we do it at the same price as the others. We accept this extra cost for us, to give you a product of much higher quality and more flavor, which is also more respectful of the planet.

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Cardboard cups

We encourage the use of cardboard in single-use cups. It is the most ecological option.


Seasonal fruit and vegetables

We respect the life cycle of fruits and vegetables, we change the menu every season, to offer you a high quality, very tasty juice.


Discount if you bring your own cup

We encourage you to avoid single-use packaging, applying a discount on the price of the product if you bring your own cup or bottle.


Local fruit and vegetables

(last mile)

We work with local producers, who offer us fresh organic products, without chemicals, certified by the competent bodies, and of higher nutritional quality.

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Use of transparent PLA glasses and progressive reduction of it by 2023.

The transparent PLA glasses are made from natural resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots or sugar cane. They are the most ecological option in transparent glasses.


Sustainable management of electrical energy

We hire a 100% green energy service. We use only LED lighting, we prioritize A+++ machinery, and we carry out a strategic control of the use of energy in the premises.


Sustainable management of water use

We have agreed cleaning processes, for the efficient use and saving of water.


Recycled napkins

All our napkins are made from 100% recycled materials. Recycling is essential!


Separation of waste

We separate our waste to take care of the planet.


Paper bags

We only use paper bags and coasters.


The use of the bicycle

We encourage the use of bicycles and public transport among all Petit Suc workers, for a cleaner city.

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